With time, new web design technologies are created. With the new changes, many of the technologies that were popular just a few years ago are slowly becoming obsolete. It is tough to predict the next big thing, especially since not every new technology is embraced in web design. The previous year saw many unique trends developed, especially in mobile technology. Based on the foundations of the projects achieved in 2015, I have compiled a list of 5 web design trends that will have a major role to play in 2016.

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Browser-Based IDEs

Desktop IDEs have been in use for decades and range from those with a few simple functions to complex types. IDEs make writing code easier with automatic suggestions and syntax highlighting.

Over the last few years, there has been attempts to place an IDE in browsers. Although most of the time these IDEs haven’t been powerful, there is nothing standing in the way of developing a powerful one. Browsers nowadays can hold a lot of data and applications can even run within them. Mozilla Thimble is one of them. This year, expect to see web designers in Sri Lanka using powerful browser-based IDEs.

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Website card Layouts

Remember when card layouts were only on Pinterest? Seems like just a few years ago, doesn’t it? Fast forward to the present time and the trend is beginning to have a heavy impact on many websites and applications. In web design, jQuery Masonry helps designers create masonry layouts for their websites in a simple way. You can animate cards and even determine the width and height. With Google having joined the fray, the layout is poised to reach new heights this year.

Custom explainer videos

Both big and small companies are realizing the effect that explainer videos have in introducing new products. Just writing that a product has a beautiful, highly functional interface, a feature is more secure, or there’s a new feature for doing something special isn’t clear enough to create that excitement. With an explainer video, you can show both the savvy and novice users the importance of a new feature or product. Web design Sri Lanka professionals will also begin to focus more on creating explainer videos for their websites.

Automated task runners

It is not just the backend that is rapidly changing the way we do web development. The front-end is also buzzing with new apps and systems that perform a variety of tasks that once required human intervention. Some of the most used systems here are Grunt and Gulp.

Collaboration tools for design

Designers sometimes want to brainstorm and chat about the design progress. With outsourcing on the rise, you may want your in-house design team to keep in touch with the outsourced developers. New collaboration tools, such as Slack, Notable, and Trello are gradually rising in popularity and will soon be a necessity for businesses.

There are many things to anticipate in 2016. These are just but some of them. If you want a web designer in Sri Lanka, who will incorporate these new technologies to your website or application for better design, marketing, and management, then have a look at RG Web Design packages.


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