The web is used by all types of people. Truthfully, most web designers don’t cater for everyone, including: those with health conditions, and visitors who aren’t native English. This problem has led to most of these potential clients being left out of the market as well as the site misses a possibility to rank high.

Accessibility and inclusivity are featured among the web design standards. This is because the final product of every developers design project is to create websites and applications that work for all people, irrespective of their locality, language, software, hardware, mental, or physical ability. Below are some of the ways that programmers and web designers can help improve the accessibility of their websites and applications.

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Designing for the visually impaired

People in this group have moderate or mild visual impairments in one or both eyes. They require the ability to resize the text to suit their needs. They should also be able to resize the screen size and increase spacing. It is a good idea that web designers create responsive websites that can be navigated using only keyboards for those who can’t use the mouse.

The icons and images need to be of proper size. The good thing to do would be to make a text alternative present for each of the text and non-textual elements available. Therefore, specify everything in relative units instead of exact sizes.

For the hearing impaired

There are people who have a hearing impairment and can only hear when there is very minimal disturbance from outside sources. The best way to handle this is by including video content that has texts explanations to make up for what the visitor is missing on the audio part.

When dealing with this group of people, you should also be careful about the amount of videos you intend to use since you don’t want your app or website filled with videos. Also, you don’t want those who are visually impaired to feel left out. Therefore, create a balance between them.

Physical disabilities

Physically disabled people have disorders such as missing limbs, joint problems, motor disorders, and many other physical disorders. You should provide full keyboard support and give enough time for all people to complete tasks such as filling forms. If there is a clickable part, make sure to highlight it since most disabled people normally have a difficulty in clicking clickable areas. They can access the content using voice recognition, eye-tracking software, or trackball. For this reason, it is crucial to create a site with a clear navigation structure.


Creating websites and applications that take into account people with disabilities is not only good for the disabled, but also good for everybody who uses the website. This is because everybody needs to interact with websites and apps that are easy to use. If you give users a choice of how to interact with the website, you can be sure that they will spend more time on the website and you’ll earn more in the process.

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