The debate on the fundamentals of interface designing has been raging on for quite some time. What is an interactive interface? Is an interactive design necessarily a good interface? For some designers, an interface is good as long as it doesn’t interfere with the capabilities of the system. For others, an interface should make operating a system easily. It should evoke delight in the users.

The essence of a good design is managing expectations. Wed designers can use Javascript modules to create familiarity, and competence. Users interacting with these designs will learn easily and develop navigation skills. Within this experience, a creative twist should be a delightful inclusion.

One of the most difficult things a designer can do is to design an interface for a device that’s new in the market. Over the years, we’ve seen the introduction of smartphones and tablets. Designing interfaces for these gadgets was difficult at first, but designers understood it better and that resulted in newer and better interfaces. The same applies with new computer screens of higher resolutions.

Designing a new interface also has a similar impact on consumers. Designers do their best to make it simple and intuitive. However, since it is something new, it is common to find the majority of users criticizing it. If it has been developed with the end user in mind, and incorporated slow and low resolution screens, criticisms might turn into praise soon. Those who didn’t get it at first will soon understand it.

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Human interaction in problem solving

In modern days where people don’t read instruction manuals and help documents anymore, a design needs to be as easy to understand as possible. It needs to be well thought out and if possible, a group of people selected to test it out. Make this selection random, and should mostly include those who are in the market niche you are focusing on. If it works, take pleasure in the smoothness of actions and the expected outcome will delight others.

Apps and websites are created to solve problems. Human interaction is one of those methods that can help designers understand the reception of the design among the audience. To create a design that’ll be embraced by many, designers need to understand the language of the problem. They should take in to consideration the design of interaction and decide a language that will work best for you.

When designing a new interface for an existing application or website, keep in mind the tools that used to be. For example, introducing a new term that performs similar to one that was named differently in previous versions will definitely cause confusion among the users. It is best to follow it up with a note on the website or a video ad explaining the same. Make it as clear as possible to ensure that you make the transition without losing your clients or visitors.

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