Hello, web designers and graphic designers in Sri Lanka. I am writing this article for your reference. Here I am highlighting many of the trending web designs that you should know for 2017. You know; for anything, there is a trend now. Whether you like it or not, you should go with that trend. Only then you can draw customers towards your company. So, to become a successful web solution provider in 2017, you must focus and adapt your skills to stay ahead of the competition of web designing and graphic design in Sri Lanka. Well, before writing this article, I did my research on 2017 web trends. So, below are the important trends that I found for you to monitor over the next few months.

Colour of website :

Colour of a website is utmost important. “Pantone Inc.,” is a company known for a colour matching system. For the year 2017, they have selected “Greenery.” So, you can get some inspiration from their colour of the year 2017. Just pop into their website and be inspired. Also, check in the “Google’s Material Design.” The colours in there would be handy for the web and graphic designers in Sri Lanka. “Duotone,” which is an image composed of two colours, and is a handy selection of many YouTube video thumbnail images.

Modern Retro :

Well, this is a top trend on web designs over the past few years. You can use it for pixel art, the 80s and 90s inspired imagery or vintage typography. Just pop into the “http://www.rleonardi.com/interactive-resume/” to get an idea on modern retro. Also, I went through the “http://www.sweetmagnoliagelato.com/” and “https://blackmarketindy.net/.” They are perfect examples of modern retro.

Cinemagraphs :

I think this a lovely selection for web and graphics design Sri Lanka. These still photos with elements have repeated movements. Here you can either use GIF files or videos. However, the minimum size over 3MB is the downside of cinemagraphs. It is somewhat like you are streaming a video, but looks awesome, though. Just have a look here, “https://flixel.com/.”

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Material Design:

Here I am talking about the “Google’s Material Design.” It uses shadows and edges to indicate what you should touch (such as buttons.) More simply if I say, it uses the principals of paper and ink and translating them into digital format. However, there is a downside. These sites look too similar. So, watch out my friends in the web designing field. See more examples at, “http://materialdesignblog.com/.”

Bold, Creative Typography :

This was a popular selection in 2016. Since it looks awesome, this trend might continue in 2017 as well. Here is the best example of what I am talking about, “http://www.nurturedigital.com/.” The background video is only visible through a large letter. “https://bff.co/” is another good example which explains this type. Using of hell of a lot of data is the downside.

Modular Design:

Well, this is something that is there for a long time, but it is unique; so still trending. Using of modular, block grid pattern to layout elements is the technique here. According to the “Google Trends Data,” this is definitely going to be in the competition in 2017. Have a look at “http://www.buildinamsterdam.com/cases” and “http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/.” This is definitely going to be a good pick for web design and graphic design Sri Lanka in 2017.

SVGs in Website :

This works best for images like logos. I mean, they only work with vector graphics. It is there since 1999. However, many web designers and graphic designers use PNG and JPG formats often than SVGs. According to “Google Trends,” the SVG trend is on the rise. The SVG image renders perfectly, no matter what the scale. Using of less data is another advantage. Check the logo in “https://premium.wpmudev.org.” No matter how much you zoom it, the logo remains unharmed and sharp.


This trend is also on the rise. Many graphic designers and web designers use it as it is very efficient and predictable when using various screen sizes and devices. Flexbox is a CSS3 layout mode. Also, it works well with all modern browsers. For more information, pop into “https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/a-guide-to-flexbox/.”

360 Video & VR:

These were very popular in 2016. So, I am sure that web designers will make use of this 2017, too. Google VR View is a JavaScript API. This allows you to add 360 videos to your websites. Here you can find more information on this, “https://developers.google.com/vr/concepts/vrview.”


Well, their official website says, “Microinteractions are contained product moments that revolve around a single use case—they have one main task.” As examples; actions such as liking a post and sending a message. This provides guidance and feedback to the user. The popularity of Microinteractions is on the rise. So, I am expecting to see this more in 2017. See this example of a microinteraction animation at, “https://dribbble.com/izhik.”

Some final words:

So, all the web designers and graphic designers in Sri Lanka out there; hopefully my article would give you some thoughts on the trending web designs in 2017. Select what you think is the best. Well, it depends on the type of the website you design. All you have to make sure is that to give a good experience to the web users.

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