What really happened to Joomla ? 

Initially released on the 17th of August 2005, the number of Joomla downloads passes 78 million. After the WordPress, it is the second most used CMS on the Internet. This system enables you to build powerful web applications and websites. However, some say that Joomla is falling now. So, I did a web-research on this fall. A few years back, Joomla powered more websites on the Internet than any other CMSs, but, now, WordPress web design has become the king. After reading this articles, you would understand the reasons behind Joomla's fall, and why WordPress became more dominated.

The causes of Joomla's fall :

My thorough research showed me three main reasons behind this fall, and below the reasons are elaborated.

1) The Audience : Well, here I am talking about web developers and marketers. Developers are quiet, but marketers make more noise. Even though WordPress didn't target developers, that blogging platform attracted marketers. On its plus side, WordPress has built-in search engine friendly URL structures that Joomla doesn't. So, the marketers promoted WordPress for years. As a result of this trend, WordPress web design became more prominent. So, web design in Sri Lanka and many of the developers also loathed Joomla.

2) Lack of Positioning : OK, now If you are wondering what is positioning, the “BusinessDictionary” gives the best answer. It says, “Positioning is the marketing strategy that aims to make a brand occupy a distinct position, relative to competing brands, in the mind of the customer.” So, now you got it, right? Ask yourself the question, “What is the best supercar in the world?” Well, my mind says it is the Bugatti Veron. In reality, most of the supercar fans say it is the Bugatti Veron. I mean, Bugatti Veron has managed to win that mental slot of supercar fans as the best supercar in the world. However, In Joomla's case, most of the web designers say that WordPress is easier. Sadly, Joomla is just positioned as a “middle solution,” and, so, WordPress web design has overcome Joomla.

3) Politics : Joomla is community driven. I mean, there is no paid staff for Joomla. Joomla is powered by volunteers, and this has some disadvantages. There is a competition between some of the Joomla contributors. As a result of these “Power Games,” some talented contributors have left the Joomla community, which is heartbreaking.

Strengths of WordPress over Joomla:

* Easy Installation: WordPress is very easy to setup. Within just about five minutes; you can have a site up and run it, which is perfect for web design.

* Highly Customizable: With a simple click, you can customize your site according to your wish. I mean, WordPress has thousands of themes and plugins. You can create your eye-catching site with zero budget.

* Great Community: WorPress community of millions would help you if you run into any issues. Almost for every theme or plugin, there is a dedicated team of developers behind it, and which is why WordPress web design is on the rise.

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The future of Joomla:

Well, it is somewhat difficult to predict the future of Joomla. The “BuiltWith” says that the WordPress has 50% market share, but Joomla only 9%. However, some “Serious Articles” about the “Fall of Joomla” say that Joomla would never die. Some predictions say that it would regain its popularity over the next few years. Anyway, I really don't think that death of Joomla “even if it dies” would affect web design in Sri Lanka. I spoke to some of my friends who does web design in Sri Lanka too, and they said they love WordPress over Joomla.

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