“How do I get my business to show up on Google searches?” Well, this is a burning question in many of the business owners. As a business person, you want your business to appear on search engines, right at the top. How are you going to make it happen? The key is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is not magic, though. To make your website an “SEO friendly website,” its content is the key. In this article, I am highlighting the SEO content writer, and why professionally written content is important for your website.

Your website and its content:

The contents of your website should deliver the right message into the hearts/minds of your customers. Professionally-written content (SEO content writing) is the key to success. Well, the other components of your website, (visuals, videos, design) plays a secondary role. Professionally-written content has multiple benefits:

It attracts the customers:

Content is very important because it tells your customers who you are, how you operate, products & services you offer, what is your business, and company values & mission. The content writer plays a crucial part here.

It attracts search engines:

Key phrases, Keywords, Descriptions, and Titles attract search engines. SEO content writing fulfills these requirements, and the content writer knows how to use them effectively.

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It adds value to your site:

Publishing some articles and tips on doing something better draws more visitors, and this increases site stickiness, which gets regular customers coming back again and again.

It adds value to visuals:

Having only pictures and videos on a website is not just enough. Professional content writing adds value to those visuals on your website.

SEO content writing  & content writer explained:

Well, here I am not going to go into the very deeps, but I will give a brief explanation about each. As you already know by now, “SEO” means search engine optimization. “Content” means the quality information that appears on your website. So, by combining these two concepts (SEO Contents,) we attract search engines. Us, the web content writers are specialized individuals in providing relevant content for websites. The freelance content writer does the same job, but mostly provides service over the Internet, and self-employed. He/she necessarily not committed to a particular employer on a long-term basis.

SEO content writing and keywords:

Keywords and key phrases are the fundamentals of the search process. In other words, keywords and key phrases are the building blocks of language & search. The whole information retrieval process of search engines are based on keywords. Just imagine that your business is selling shoes; then it is necessary that your website has the word “shoes” in it to have a chance of ranking in the search engine results for “shoes.” The order of keywords also vital, and a search engine measures how keywords are used on a web page. Keyword density is another factor to consider. Most SEO content writing guidelines suggest maintaining the keyword density between 1-3%. However, some guidelines say that there is no such thing call a keyword density limit. Anyway, I stick to the 1-3% limit. If you use keywords in higher quantities, search engines would consider your web as a spam, and degrade it.

Wrapping up:

If you want your business to show up on Google searches, fill it with SEO friendly contents. Make sure to hire a professional content writer. The content writer is an individual who is specialized in writing SEO friendly content. Just remember, if your business is not visible on search engines, customers won't see it.

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