Ubuntu is an opensource operating system available for free in the market. The modern Ubuntu operating system is much more simpler and ideal replacement for the paid operating systems.

If you have used Ubuntu about 5 years ago, you may have noticed that it was not very easy to use at that time unless you install relevant plugins for videos etc using bit of coding. But today Ubuntu is more simple and you can get almost all general work done without any trouble. Installing plugins is just clicking buttons not running codes ( unless it is more complex software or third party software not available directly for Ubuntu ).

So let’s see what are the questions that will come to any one thinking of using Ubuntu instead of paid operating systems.

1) Can I listen to songs or play video without any problem ? Do I have to install anything using coding ?

You can install available players using ubuntu with couple of clicks. VLC player is available and it will help you to play any video or audio

2) How can I draft letters, create presentations & spreadsheets without a paid office application ?

Libre Office is available for you and you can save documents in any popular formats. Also if you don’t like it, you can use online google apps for work for free online too ( Google apps for work is better sa you can save everything online and can share with others too ).

3) How can I go to internet and browse internet ?

Firefox come by default with ubuntu. Also you can install Chrome and Opera with couple of clicks from Ubuntu software centre.

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4) How can I use my computer to check emails ?

Thunderbird is simple software that comes by default. It is very easy to configure with your email service and use without any hassle.

5) I need to edit photos to upload to various social media sites ?

Gimp and Inkscape available in the Ubuntu Software Centre which will help you to edit your photos accordingly. Optionally you can use free online websites where you can edit and upload photos to any other website. ( For professional photo editing, the Ubuntu apps may not suite you )

6) I’am graphic designer / web designer, How can I use it for photo editing

Well you can edit basic photos and create illustrations using Gimp and Inkscape but it may not be smooth or consist of features similar to some of the popular paid photo editing software's. So you will have slight disadvantage with Ubuntu.

7) I’am web designer / software engineer, How can I setup a local host server and code my websites / applications

You can install xampp or any other supported local server application in Ubuntu. Netbeans can be installed for coding !
So in general if your not doing professional scale photo editing or video editing, Ubuntu is the ideal opensource operating system or any user at home or office.

You can download ubuntu operating system free of charge from http://www.ubuntu.com/

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