“Our words are very powerful. So, always make sure you use the right words.” Have you ever heard about this quote? I am sure you have. OK, I will get to the point straight. Good words give good results. I am talking about websites. It's always the “Words” that impress, inspire, persuade, and motivate the customers to buy what you are selling. Well, the pictures are nice to look at and enjoy, but it's the contents and the words that always make the sale. Good content writing helps your sales message come across clear and loud. I know what you are thinking now: “Who can write good SEO content?” The answer is “SEO content writer,” just like me.

SEO Copy Writing: What is it ?

I am sure you have heard a lot about SEO Content Writing. Here's my definition: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about ensuring the search engine (robots) like (Yahoo’s Slurp, Google’s GoogleBot, or Bing’s BingBot) know exactly what your website/page is about. How do I do this? Well, it's all about the “right words (Keywords),” the right number of times (Keyword Density), and placing them in right places on your website. I never over do it. SEO Content Writing is all about the balance between getting in those keywords and search terms. When writing SEO content, I make sure the content is readable. Some “bad SEO Content Writers;” write Web Content that’s stuffed full of keywords. How about this: “I am a Freelance Content Writer In Colombo, Sri Lanka. Specialist in Content Rewriting and specializing in SEO and SEO Web Content Writing.” What? Sounds horrible right?

Writing for the web

Writing for the web is different. It's not similar to writing for other types of marketing material. Potential customers scan your website; they don't read every word. Which means; you have got just a few seconds to make a good impression. So, give a loud and clear message about your company, never write essays about it. Well, good design is essential, but the design won't persuade, convince, inform, or sell. It's dead simple. Short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs.

Contact RG WEB DESIGN to hire a specialist in SEO writing

When you hire an SEO content writer from RG WEB DESIGN, you will get keyword-rich content; well-written; page titles; headings (H1, H2); and much more. Well, that's not all. We write content not just for search engines, but for the reader too. Our copywriting is interesting, informative, easy to read, and well-balanced. How about the keywords? Well, we cleverly place them within the copy, so you will hardly notice them. Other than websites, we write optimized articles; blog posts, and news releases too.

Take advantage of RG WEB DESIGN's content writing services

It's dead simple. You get words that really count. We write about anything: photography, cars, shoes, fashion, and even cats. Of course, we provide Web Design Solutions; Wed Development Solutions; Marketing Solutions; Domain Solutions; Web Hosting Solutions, and Email Solutions. OK, here comes a good offer:

When you get a custom html/wordpress website done with RG WEB DESIGN, you get quality content writing ( upto 2000 words ) written by me for FREE !

( Not applicable for theme or budget website packages. 1 revision-max.)

About me ( Content Writer )

I am Ganesh Wickramasinghe. A freelance copywriter, who offers a range of copywriting services in Colombo. OK, throughout Sri Lanka. My style is different (witty and informal.) Some may say too informal. But I hate to write essays. And I hate overly formal Language. My aim is to give a clear and loud message in as few words as possible. Whatever you give me; I can write about it. Contact RG WEB DESIGN to get my expert Copywriting Services.

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