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R G Web Design offer creative tourism and travel website design both as html or wordpress based solutions. All website solutions are responsive and modern in look and feel.

Why You need a creative website for a tourism and/or travel website ?

Well, it is a competitive industry compared to other industries and also it is a flourishing industry in Sri Lanka after peace and harmony was gain in Sri Lanka after 30 years of war. A creative design will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Reason is when some one comes to your site, when he/she sees that you have taken greater care of the website, he/she will know that you would not hesitate to provide a better service when they come to Sri Lanka for the holiday to enjoy the beauty of the Perl of Indian ocean. One major important factor is you should have your own unique photos & enough budget for marketing. This is one key major differnce between success stories and failures in tourism related businesses.

So areas that has to be covered to make a creative website a place to generate sales / leads ?

Unique Tourism Photos

1 - Should have genuine / original photos taken by you (If you take from internet, hardly anyone will trust you as this is tourism industry where they expect you to have your own photos for your tourism website ! )

Information About You / Business

2 - Should have detail information about you, your company and packages offered to give a clear idea to anyone who visits your website

Unique Modern Design

3 - Design has to be unique from other competitors targeting same geographical area or same kind of audience (If your site is same in look and feel as that of your competitor and if your competitor has being their in the market more than you. You will loose the opportunity to grow as you will get less customers or no customers ! ). Also have clear fonts and more white space where possible.

Unique Tourism Videos

4 - Include some videos in the website to make it live for the visitors (When using videos, embed videos via a third party site like youtube or vimeo to save bandwidth )

Optimize Website

5 - Optimize the site internally with a professional search engine optimizing company or freelance web designer who has enough experience. Also make sure the site loads faster with google page speed tool which is a very handy tool to check how much time it takes to load a site and it gives information about areas you can work on to improve the loading time )

Then following areas too has to be covered to make your creative tourism website a success

Social Media

6 - Use social media effectively, If your target market is Asia put more weight for facebook than twitter as most Asian use facebook than twitter. Also update the google plus page and also add content to it when ever possible. Don`t forget about YouTube, use it effectively too. Pinterrest, linkedin and other social media also try to use effectively. One important thing is try your level best to gain organic likes or followers because if you buy likes from third party, it may deteriorate faster than it was gain and it is bad for your social media presence too. E.g Recently an online tool was used to find about the likes gained by a local politician. Almost about 60-70% of likes were from some other country which gave a very bad impression as all knew that majority of fans are not genuine. So avoid getting non-genuine like to your fan pages. Use paid ad systems in social media platforms to gain paid organic likes if your natural likes / followers are not growing smoothly.


7 - Hire a good search engine optimizing seo freelancer or seo provider. Have a plan for about 12 -24 months as most keywords are high competitive. Work closely with seo company and they would help you to bring your site to a decent level in organic search in google. (If you do not have enough patience, please avoid even thinking of seo as it is not something that happens overnight. It needs quality work to help a site work well in search engines ). If you want visitors soon, you could try google adword with a reliable adword company.

Tourism Forums & Portals

8 - Be interactive in tourism related forums & portals, try to help others who are looking for a solution. You may find customers in them as well if your lucky enough !

Offline Marketing

9 - Use offline marketing methods as well to promote the site to get more visitors.

Get involved in Community Work

10 - Help or get involved in community related work and support local community in areas where you could give a hand.

So once you or your company make a creative tourism website with the help of a web designer or designing company, always remember to promote it correctly and effectively as just a site won`t help you get visitors which may turn as customers at the end. Also for a detail quote for a creative tourism website design in Sri Lanka and ideal promotional plan, feel free to cotnact us to get our professional service.

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