email solution with free domain in sri lanka

Email accounts

You can get emails with your domain name instead of using free email services to give yourself and your business a professional look. In general you will get high response rate when you contact another party with a email from your domain extension rather than using free email services like google, yahoo, mail ans zoho etc. Cpanel based email accounts created using your domain extension( e.g ) can be accessed using webmail (online version which is generally can be accessed via ). Though it is a free service that comes with cpanel hosting account, It is not very user friendly like what you get from google apps for business. So generally it is recommended that you configure it to your outlook ( paid application ) , thunderbird ( free application ) or to any easy to use dekstop/mobile based application.

What is POP3 and IMAP email account ?

In order to configure the email account. It could be done in two ways. One is you configure the email account in your application which will display the emails from server. The original email will be in server. This method is known as IMAP. It is good when ou have more space and/or when you want to keep access to emails online as well. Then other option is to download and view all emails. This method is pop3. Generally to save server space this method is used.

How can I get email account service and configure email accounts ?

You need to purchase a cpanel webhosting package or I can help you to purchase from Stablehost. You can configure them too using following manual email configuration tutorial which is generally almost same.

How to setup email accounts in outlook ?

You can contact me for outlook email configurations. It will be done remotely. The cost will be USD 10 per account.

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