vector and raster graphic design in sri lanka

RG Web Design Lanka also offer graphic design services in Sri Lanka. We design vector or raster based art works at an affordable rate in Sri Lanka. We do the following types of Graphic Designing;

1) Company Logo Design in Sri Lanka

A logo gives you or your company the identifying mark that conveys brand image and corporate identity to the world. So as RG web design lanka, we design logos covering many aspects.

We design iconic/symbolic (an icon that conveys a representation of your organization e.g : Apple Logo) , wordmark (text based logo e.g : DELL Logo) and combination mark logos (these logos includes both above types e.g : McDonald Logo). We provide you a vector based logo with AI, EPS, JPEG/PNG and PDF files as a collection. If you need a logo for your company or for a special event, Speak to us..

A leaflet or a handbill is something that will help you in convincing your customers or possible clients about your products, services or offers covering a wider targeted segment. So we design colourful and attractive leaflets and handbills for your local or overseas through our graphic designers in Sri Lanka working for RG Web Design. We give you a vector based handbill and it will be given in EPS, PDF, JPEG and AI formats as a collection

2) Leaflet / Handbill Design

3) Poster Design

Poster will help you, if you are planning to spread the word about an event or special offer by you or your company. So we design vector based posters to matchup with your event or offer by our poster graphic designers in Sri Lanka.

If you are planning to get the attention of many individuals at a glance while they travelling along the roads or bypassing your office premises, A nicely designed hoarding will help you in getting their attention. On the other hand, banner can be of various types, popular banner type is so called x-banners, which are very useful when you are participating at an event or exhibition.

4) Banner / Hoarding Design

5) Visiting Card / Business Card Design

A visiting card will help you or your staff members in making it easy for others to contact you easily. E.g; when meeting someone for a business discussion, you can easily hand him over a business card. We design visiting cards in Sri Lanka through our graphic designers.

We design attractive and colourful user interfaces for your web system, android or iphone apps. for more details about User Interface Design, Visit our user interface design page.

6) User Interface Design

7) Facebook Cover Page Design Sri Lanka

We design attractive and colourful cover pages for your facebook fan pages. Also for post images to be published in facebook.

We design simple yet colourful cover pages for your google plus cover page through our graphic designers in Sri Lanka.

8) Google Plus Cover Page Design

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