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Opencart is a shopping cart platform developed few years back by Daniel Krr, the website and software developer, ( not Daniel Matthew Kerr from Australia ! ) once he found that oscommerce is not moving forward with new stuff and doesn’t follow new trends as it was oscommerce that was popular as a low cost shopping cart ecommerce solution few year back. So now other than enterprise level Magento, it is opencart that is leading the race especially among the low to medium scale businesses ( not only in Sri Lanka but globally ). Many carts have followed opencart and now we see lot of competitors around it too with similar functionality and almost same user interface design.

When it comes to features of opencart, It`s flexible design and code is one of the major thing that we have to discuss in detail. The code is easy to understand for a person who is very familiar with MVC model which is loved by many php/mysql web developers, website designers and web development companies worldwide. It is a quiet easy process to integrate most of the basic scripts or different codes unless it is a complicated script that will have multiple processes. New designs could be easily integrated as the system is based on a template driven system ( so the core system stays as it is and would be very flexible when updating in future when required )

The admin panel is very much user friendly and you would love to use it considering its simple user interface (UI) design and flow. It is well organized panel and quiet easy to add new categories, sub categories and relevant products to each category. Basically opencart ecommerce shopping cart system do support unlimited number of items as categories and as products. Also it supports adding of various manufactures and could add them too in unlimited quantities.

Options to add multiple currency is important if your running a global scale store, so opencart has not forgotten that part where it now supports multiple currency types. Similarly, it supports multiple language`s for sites that prefer to have several languages.

Now a days, customers tend to read reviews and ratings specially if it is something like an electronic device or even a daily consumable item. So review and rating system is available in opencart ( it could be disabled too from admin pane, if not required for your shopping cart system ). If someone is planning to sell virtual items like say photos, mp3 songs, videos, games, plugins, modules etc, then it too supported by opencart where you could run an online store with downloadable items for your customers.

Images could be easily resized in opencart system as per your wish. When your running a global scale store, you may have to have different taxations for goods. So basically it is too available in the opencart shopping cart system. It includes other things like sales and reports, commission driven system, coupon system, multiple additional options for products and popular shipping options as well. Though opencart was done by Daniel Krr, a professional web developer, he is very much clearly knew the business end of a company running a store as well.

Opencart supports almost all the popular payment gateways ( paypal, skrill, 2checkout etc.. ) Security is also important now a days when running a online store system. Opencart is made to industry standard and it is PCI compliant which would make you safe ( but there are other areas like in any system to workout to protect a website / online store ! ).

Opencart is popular among most of the php developers and it has a large base of developers as well as a full store of plugins for customized solutions…

We also develop affordable shopping cart solutions with opencart to any company in Colombo, Galle, Kandy, Kurunegala, Jaffna or any place in Sri Lanka and globally. So feel free to get in touch with us for shopping cart development and payment gateway integration with us in Sri Lanka.

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