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What are readymade web scripts ?

Readymade web scripts are already coded working web systems. You have to just buy the web system script, configure with your server settings ( or just add a code in your website or use hosted solution ), make necessary other changes from admin panels provided and launch it !

Readymade Web System Script Packages

USD 200 One Time
  • Script Not Included
  • Installation in cpanel
  • Configuration
  • Replace of content
  • Google Submission (If required)
  • -
  • -
  • -
USD 500 One Time
  • Installation in cpanel
  • Configuration
  • Replace of content
  • Google Submission (If required)
  • .com or .lk Domain (1 year)
  • 20GB cpanel Web Hosting (1 year)
  • Script license and updates (1 year)
  • Please Note :
  • Basic package will be started after 1-2 working days from the payment.
  • Pro package will be started after 7 - 9 working days from the payment.
  • .com/.lk domain and hosting in business script pacakge is included only for the first year. Then yearly renewal fees is USD 200
  • Script renewal fee applies after 1 year. Please refer script details for fees.
  • Please note the prices of renewals may change based on dollar rate.
  • Please kindly note that I do not offer feature customization for any of the above packages. For that you should contact the readymade web script provider.
  • Script fee includes only upto USD 100. Anything above that, you will have to pay extra.
  • Additional text and image changes revisions cost USD $10
  • Additional text and image changes revisions cost USD $10
  • So what are the available website design templates for my website ?

    Real estate listing systems
    Classified Advertising Systems
    Invoicing Systems
    Billing and invoicing systems
    Hotel Booking Systems
    Tour Booking web Systems
    Daily Deal web Systems
    School Management web systems
    Course Management web systems
    Project management systems
    Client Relationship Management web Systems
    Simple POS web systems
    Accounting web Systems
    Forum Scripts
    News website scripts
    Video Script

    What are the advantages of readymade web system scripts ?

    1. Cost is only fraction of website designing and coding the web system from scratch or even using a framework.
    2. Includes almost all the standard features expected in a web system.
    3. Easy to configure with all kinds of standard cpanel web hosts.
    4. Saves lot of time as website script is already available.
    5. Most of the avialable scripts are used by many customers, so chances of bugs are less as most will be fixed whenever they arise.
    6. Includes most of the popular online payment gateways most of the time such as paypal, 2checkout, Skrill, Payza, Autorise.net and Stripe.

    What are the disadvantages of readymade web scripts ?

    It may not be easy to make major layout adjustments and add new features for a low cost as they are premium level changes which could cost 5x or 10x higher than the script cost. Also too many changes may break the script and makes loading slower too. So readymade scripts may not be the ideal solution for those who expect high level of customization and expects to extend the system but perfect solution for thos who wants a wants a quick web system with standard tasks / features expected in that kind of system.

    How can I get the readymade scripts I’am looking for ?

    You can buy any of the above or any similar scripts from codecanyon or let me know the type of script you are after, So I will find the best suited scripts for you and buy it for you ( please make sure $2 additional paypal fee will apply for each product whenever you buy via paypal ). Also please make sure the following, if you are buying directly.

    a) Make sure the script is used by many ( look for number of sales. Higher the sales, bettter the script ! )
    b) Look for the reputation of the seller (Elite sellers are the best )
    c) Make sure the script has good ratings.
    d) Check the comment section. If no replies to questions asked by users within last week or so, then think twice before buying as seller may not be available or it could be an outdated script
    e) Check if most of the the issues/questions raised via comments section are solved.
    f) Buy the theme support as well and do not forget to renew it in future as it would be worth getting the theme updates ( Remeber the technology gets updated on regular basis, So web scripts too need to get updated to work smoothly without any problem !) and support.

    After buying the script what should I do ?

    If you have the experience in web development and web system configuring with cpanel servers, You can do it too ( Please do not even think of configuring the script, if you do not have the experience in at least basic php/mysql as it will be a nightmare for you and a headache for the script provider as well ! ). If you want a profesisonal web designer / web developer to configure it for you, I can provide the technical help. I charge a fixed fee of USD 200 for any of the script installation, configuration, replacement of data with your data and make the webscript live ! ( excluding the script cost + $2 paypal fee ) If it is a web based script that is open to general public where your looking for online traffic. You can check my facebook marketing services, google adword marketing services, seo and seo booster packages too which may help to drive traffic to your web script !

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