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Shopping cart is an online system where you could sell your products or services easily. It is almost like a basic shop but running online. Our website design company in Sri Lanka, develop shopping carts / ecommerce systems to cater your online selling needs. Also following details will help you in deciding and will make it easy for us to develop your shopping cart web site.

1) Choose the products and services to be sold / provided online – Basically it is important to first identify what sorts of good or services you’re going to offer through your shopping cart because this will help our shopping cart designers and developers to build your shopping cart with a design layout based on the product/services categories you have chosen. E.g : Say your selling cut leaves online and we will concentrate on a greenish theme etc etc.

2) Decide on the type of domain / web site name for your shopping cart – This is very important as well, always try to have a term related to you shopping carts products / services selling sector name as well as your company name. e.g : If you a travel agent providing holiday packages and company name is jpstarworld, then for your website decide on a name like jpstarworldholidays. This will make it easy for your clients as well as make it easy for us to optimize your shopping cart to google search engine

3) Design of the online store – The design and usability will play a crucial role in your shopping cart. So we always develop very user attractive, simple to use, clean and well organized designs. Also our shopping cart developers will make it responsive as well to make sure that your company shopping cart gets the maximum amount of benefit from mobile and tab users as well.

4) Payment gateway to collect payments – Our web design company offer several payment gateways for your shopping cart to function smoothly. Basic non credit card involved payment gateways includes Cash on Delivery, Cash on Pickup, Cheque on Delivery, Cheque on Pickup and Bank Deposit gateways. Then we offer international payment processors like Paypal, Skrill and 2Checkout which are less costly for you in implementation, less per transaction fee and supports credit card payments. Also we offer sri lanka bank payment gateways like HNB, Sampath, HSBC, Seylan and NTB. These local payment gateways will have some costly implementation fee ( affordable transaction fee and most cases it is around 3% ) but the main advantage is that the money will directly come to your bank account unlike in paypal, skrill and 2Chekout where you have to withdraw money via a cheque (mostly it will be a citiBank cheque for Sri Lanka clients) and it does take time as well. So let us know once you decide on the payment gateway, so life will be easy for you. Another thing is most of these gateways will need SSL Certificate where we will provide it free for the first year in most cases ( So don’t buy it elsewhere, contact us first before making SSL purchasing ! ).

5) Shipping / Delivery Method – If your operating within Sri Lanka, then we could help you in including local delivery methods but if your planning to do worldwide shipping, then we offer DHL, TNT, UPS type international shipping services as well. So shipping service/s for the shopping cart to be developed is also better to be decided first rather than going for it later on as some shipping services may be cheap compared to others for your goods offered online in your shopping cart for the clients.

6) Marketing Aspect of your shopping cart web site – This is also important for your shopping cart to operate successfully online. So we could help you online where we will take care of your marketing burden online at an attractive and affordable fee on monthly basis. We will support you through online marketing and you have to take care only about the local media marketing methods. Our web design company in Sri lanka offer seo services , social media marketing and search engine marketing which you could take use of.

7) Web Hosting for your shopping cart – – though we did not mention this earlier, this is also an important factor. You will need a reliable web hosting service as well. We also offer Shared hosting , VPS hosting and Dedicated servers but we highly recommend a VPS or a Dedicated Server if you have high scale traffic to yours shopping cart web site.

So our shopping cart design and development company in Sri Lanka does hope that these guidelines will help you a lot in deciding key factors related to your shopping cart web site that is going to be developed soon ( hope you will choose us for your shopping cart web site ! ). We will be always supporting you not only in the shopping cart development process but we will be right behind you as long as you are running the shopping cart online. We have some monthly, per update and yearly basis maintenance/support packages as well which you could use as well to have a smooth shopping cart experience for your clients and make your shopping cart platform reliable.

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