free and low cost ssl certificates recommended by freelance web designer Rajith Gunawardena, namecheap

SSL Certificates in Sri Lanka

In order to enable https for a website you have to use a ssl certificate. Now we have free SSL certificate offered by "lets encrypt". You can get it free and setup with just a click in cpanel of most hosts including stablehost. If your looking for a professional level ssl and company level verified ssl, then you can buy at low cost from namecheap.

What I should look for when getting a SSL certificates ?

If your just looking to get https, then free ssl from lets encrypt would be fine. For basic payments etc, any domain or company level certificate would be fine.

Whare can I get a SSL certificate for my website or web system ?

Free ssl will be avaiable via cpanel of most host. Specially it is free via stablehost cpanel ( via let's encrypt plugin in cpanel ).

You can get domain or business verified professional positive ssl and comodo ssl from namecheap starting around $10 onwards.

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