43. Why Choose Ubuntu For Your Home or Office ?

ubuntu web design

Ubuntu is an opensource operating system available for free in the market. The modern Ubuntu operating system is much more simpler and ideal replacement for the paid operating systems. If you have used Ubuntu about 5 years ago, you may have noticed that it was not very easy to use at that time unless you install relevant plugins for videos etc using bit of coding. But today Ubuntu is more simple and you can get

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42. The Do’s and Don’ts of Interface Designing


The Do’s and Don’ts of Interface Designing The debate on the fundamentals of interface designing has been raging on for quite some time. What is an interactive interface? Is an interactive design necessarily a good interface? For some designers, an interface is good as long as it doesn’t interfere with the capabilities of the system. For others, an interface should make operating a system easily. It should evoke delight in the users. The essence of

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41. Designing For People With Disabilities


Designing For People with Disabilities The web is used by all types of people. Truthfully, most web designers don’t cater for everyone, including: those with health conditions, and visitors who aren’t native English. This problem has led to most of these potential clients being left out of the market as well as the site misses a possibility to rank high. Accessibility and inclusivity are featured among the web design standards. This is because the final

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40. Five Newest Trends That Will Shape Up the Web This 2016


5 Newest Trends That Will Shape Up the Web This 2016 With time, new web design technologies are created. With the new changes, many of the technologies that were popular just a few years ago are slowly becoming obsolete. It is tough to predict the next big thing, especially since not every new technology is embraced in web design. The previous year saw many unique trends developed, especially in mobile technology. Based on the foundations

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39. Creative Tourism and Travel Web Site design in Sri Lanka

toursim web site design

Other than making standard website design, we offer creative tourism and travel website design. We use latest technology to create your website with inclusion of modern responsive web design. Why You need a creative website for a tourism and/or travel website ? Well it is a competitive industry compared to other industries and also it is a flourishing industry in Sri Lanka after peace and harmony was gain in Sri Lanka after 30 years of

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38. Nine Useful Web Design Tips for 2016 by Web Designers in Sri Lanka


When your designing your website with a company or yourself or with a freelance web designer it is always better to plan for at least 2 years market behavior, so you do not have to re-design or change functionality/features of the site again and again where you can keep the website for couple of years at least. So when creating your website consider the following things where possible which we feel would be helpful for

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37. Is creating a website helps to get businesses or customer`s ?

businesses or customer`s

I thought of writing this article after I saw the feedback from some of the clients we had and also when spoken to other business people in the industry. Generally a website represents a virtual shop/office online just like a physical shop your running. So does just creating the virtual shop or office online helps to bring clients or customers? Well you have to think whether you get clients to a physical shop or office

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36. Advantages of paypal or 2checkout gateway for your website or shopping cart – R G Web Design


We thought as a web design in sri lanka company, it is better to give some of the tips in choosing the best viable solution as the payment accepting method online. We all know or most of you have used paypal to make payments. At least to purchase an item via ebay, you may have used paypal. Well, if we look carefully in to most of the popular shops or selling platforms like ebay, amazon

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35. How to decide between a basic and a creative design for your business website


In today`s world, it is always better and must to have a corporate looking website to attract customers which would help to increase sales if your sales team manage to get promote the website in a correct way and if they manage to get the leads converted to sales. Basic Website Designing in Sri Lanka So basically you need a good user friendly website and let see how to decide between a basic and a

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34. Total IT Solutions for small and medium enterprises in Sri Lanka


We know how difficult it is to manage and maintain a IT department in a company so we have come up with a solution that we hope would benefit your business considering saving money and getting a professional service with R G Solutions. We offer following services as total it solutions of which you can take one or many services and we would love to work with your company on long term basis. 1 Basic

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